Cegielnia Michałów, Mokrsko - producent cegieł i producent pustaków. Fachowa produkcja cegieł i pustaków. W naszej ofercie: cegła czerwona, pustak max. Nasza siedziba to łódzkie, piotrkowskie. Sprawdź naszą ofertę – zapraszamy!

Why choose us Brickyard Michałów, Mokrsko?

We know what we do. We follow the latest trends in ceramic construction . All our products meet the relevant standards and requirements are of high quality certified with the CE mark. We offer competitive prices. The preferred location of logistics makes it always have time for delivery on time.

Why build with our ceramic?
  • High strength - most frequently measured compressive strength in the range from 3.5 to 35 MPa allows for the use of products in the construction of structural ceramics carrying heavy loads. Thanks to its high compressive strength, with our bricks to build multi-storey buildings.
  • Good resistance to frost - which allows the use of building ceramics products in practically all weather conditions.
  • Long life - counted in tens or even hundreds of years indicates that these products can be erected solid buildings and monumental buildings. Our brick look natural on the facade. Carefully fugued will be for many years to add charm to your home .
  • Low coefficient of thermal conductivity of the walls of ceramics allows you to perform a very good thermal insulation walls with relatively low consumption of thermal insulation materials.
  • Good sound insulation - which allows for example to perform walls thickness 25 cm with full brick .
  • A large heat storage capacity and water vapor permeability of building ceramics products creates a pleasant and beneficial premises microclimate for the users. As a result, the daily temperature isaveraged in the summer and heated house will be warm long after turning off the heat source in the winter. House reacts slowly to rapid cooling of the emergency break in the supply of energy.
  • High fire resistance of ceramics allows you to make high class fire resistance walls and buildings.
  • A large variety of shapes and dimensions of building ceramics products allows them to be widely used in many different types of building construction and building structures.
  • It is not expensive. If you 'll peer into our price offer, you will convince that the brick is not more expensive than other building materials of similar quality and performance.