Cegielnia Michałów, Mokrsko - producent cegieł i producent pustaków. Fachowa produkcja cegieł i pustaków. W naszej ofercie: cegła czerwona, pustak max. Nasza siedziba to łódzkie, piotrkowskie. Sprawdź naszą ofertę – zapraszamy!

The history of the factory

Brickyard Michałów run by a single owner since 1983, passed at least three major upgrades:

The most serious at the turn of 1999/2000 where practically created a whole new factory. The new automated production line and drying products. This allowed us to expand its range of products with a full range of ceramic products.
In 2007, was extended to the firing kiln drying and modernized thanks to which we now dry goods through recovery of warm air from the cooling zone of the furnace. Made upgrades allowed to start a brick factory building ceramics production all year round regardless of weather constraints (autumn and spring frosts).
In 2011, as the first and only so far in Poland fully automated the loading of the kiln cord Hoffman. Products "touched" by staff after firing and are related to the stage of sorting products. As a result, products are not subject to deformation and has increased the efficiency of production of ceramic products.