Cegielnia Michałów, Mokrsko - producent cegieł i producent pustaków. Fachowa produkcja cegieł i pustaków. W naszej ofercie: cegła czerwona, pustak max. Nasza siedziba to łódzkie, piotrkowskie. Sprawdź naszą ofertę – zapraszamy!

Principles of our brickyard

Installation is a small family company and it is an important factor in social and economic development of the region in which every job must be subject to special protection. Is characterized by small scale manufacturing activity, which is an excellent measure of CO2 (1860Mg), so they are not a significant source of emissions. Brickyard positive impact on the environment by producing for the local market of natural building materials which helps reduce their transport over long distances - load transport (exhaust gases, dust, noise, etc.).

Rules optimal environment most favorable for plant operation are defined in the "Best Available Techniques (BAT)" - Guidelines for the industry - building ceramics and refractory - November 2004 by the Institute of Refractories and the Association of Employers of Building Ceramics and Silicate funded by the national Fund for Environmental Protection and water Management on request of the Minister of the Environment.

Installing the Brickyard "Michałów" operates according to certain principles in this document and in particular:
  • prevents pollution and harmful effects,
  • minimizes the impact on the environment in all components,
  • minimizing the use of hazardous substances,
  • recycles and re-uses some of the waste generated in the factory,
  • technological structure minimizes the risk of industrial accidents.
Installation is a small seasonal brickworks equipped with a stove cord and drying natural and producing a limited range - wall materials in the form of masonry HD and LD .

The basic raw material for the production of the raw materials with a high content of clayey marl and sand.