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Phases in the production of bricks and blocks

The main raw materials are quaternary clays with the content of marl, qualifying as raw materials sensitive to drying. Overburden is removed using a bucket excavators and bulldozers. Raw material is fed to the cars, which transports them to the factory.
The raw material is fed to the power of box, where the dosage depends on the weight of the raw material and produced range. Mass is subjected to processed. During processing mass is hydrated.
Power molding should be evenly without downtime and homogeneous mass with humidity 18 - 21%. Outgoing "wylotnik" range of speed must be uniform across the entire width. Articles should be no deformation. Trimming is done on brick cutter and products on the laths transported automatically loading frame where are taken by the truck type Keller on drying.
Drying takes place in natural and artificial drying. Semis aretransported to the drying - type wheelchair Keller. The adjustment is carried out by opening shutters and doors and compartments by sealing with paper. In contrast to the artificial drying by tight closure of the door and opened the throttle supplying heat from the cooling zone of the furnace Hoffman.
Products from the dryer are collected to the truck to the frame where it is manually loaded on pallets and transported to the furnace cord. Setting carried out according to a certain pattern. After setting the ventricular septum is assumed. The furnace is fired by coal dust burners or dispensed by hand with a shovel. Drying of products is due to the heat coming from the furnace brickwork where it is also draining residual moisture. Followed by heating the flue gas and their adjustment is carried out bells. The temperature is controlled by firing the charged amount of fuel and the amount of cooling air supplied to the channel and receiving artificial heat drying .
Sorting products is done in the oven before being deported by the applicable standards. Sorted out items are placed on a pallet.
Exported pallets are wrapped with stretch foil, putting the foil label with the name of the range, class, date and name of the sorting and stamp.