Cegielnia Michałów, Mokrsko - producent cegieł i producent pustaków. Fachowa produkcja cegieł i pustaków. W naszej ofercie: cegła czerwona, pustak max. Nasza siedziba to łódzkie, piotrkowskie. Sprawdź naszą ofertę – zapraszamy!

Information about the company

Brickyard Michałów operates in the market of manufacturers of building ceramics since the early 70's. It is a leading manufacturer of ceramic construction meets all the standards of modern and ecological requirements applicable to the construction materials market .

    Modern technology used in the production of ceramic products, allows to prepare a range of products giving the highest indicator of quality and able to compete with other manufacturers. Innovation and ecology used in the production of ceramics is an element that allows us in a fairly short period of time to deliver a product that meets the high requirements of the end customer.

    Our ceramics are characterized by the following properties:
  • ecology (no additives such as dust, sawdust),
  • natural raw materials used for the production of ceramics free from chemical contaminants and radioactive,
  • low water absorption,
  • long life (including biological corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, fire resistance),
  • full frost resistance of ceramic products.
    All of these elements allow us to introduce a whole range of ceramic products - from full brick façade, through block Pióroterm and ending with the blocks ventilation. The whole time we also care about the dynamic development of our company, investing in machinery and training of our employees in order to fully satisfy our customers and meet all the necessary requirements and declarations related to the high quality of our products.