Cegielnia Michałów, Mokrsko - producent cegieł i producent pustaków. Fachowa produkcja cegieł i pustaków. W naszej ofercie: cegła czerwona, pustak max. Nasza siedziba to łódzkie, piotrkowskie. Sprawdź naszą ofertę – zapraszamy!

About Us

Brickyard Michałów, Mokrsko are in the construction market since about 1974. With our experience, we have created offer with products of the highest quality. We don't settle for our success and we strive to extension and modernization of the production line and what's behind it is raised higher and as high quality products. All this so that the client was fully satisfied .
We have our own mines, which we're running out of clay for the needs of our company. The products of our ceramics, characterized by high durability, strength, resistance to biological corrosion, fire resistance, low water absorption and full of frost resistance. Modern technology used in the production of ceramic products, allows you to prepare a range of products giving the highest indicator of quality and able to compete with other manufacturers. Innovation and ecology used in the production of ceramics is an element that allows us in a fairly short period of time to deliver a product that meets the high requirements of the end customer.

Our offer includes:
  • full brick,
  • full brick burnt,
  • brick drainage,
  • pióroterm 12 P + W,
  • pióroterm 24 P + W,
  • block DZ 12/220,
  • block DZ9,
  • block K3,
  • block MAX,
  • block MAX 220,
  • block Ceiling Ackerman,
  • block U220,
  • block ventilation.

We provide transportation from unloading HDS. We invite you to familiarize with full offer of the company.